Useful Links

On this page I’ve collected useful courses and websites for mastering English. I’ve reviewed every course personally. I don’t recommend anything without trying it first myself. These courses cover different aspects of learning English that I don’t cover in my own system. I’m going to expand the list, adding new courses every month. I’m affiliated with some of the courses, while I don’t have any affiliation with others. In any case, I always give my honest, uncensored opinion about each one.

3 Keys IELTS System

As you might know, a good IELTS score is a must-have at many universities and workplaces and often, you need a high IELTS score to receive a visa to English-speaking countries. If you ever considered passing the IELTS test, the course of Lindsay and Jessica might be a great fit for you. The truth is that there’s also a lot of great free information online about the nuts and bolts of IELTS. However, if you want a guarantee that by following the advice, you’ll really achieve a high score, then it’s worth buying the 3 Keys System. 

One of the great things about this course is that they offer a score guarantee — if you don’t achieve a high score, they’ll pay your money back. Jessica and Lindsay have lots of real-world experience from the harsh trenches of IELTS and everything they say is realistic and practical.

They also offer personal feedback and an international community of almost 1,000 students. They also offer a 3-day trial to see if the course meets your expectations. You can give it a try by clicking on the link below:

3 Keys IELTS System