A Simple Technique to Speak English Automatically

Did you know that many people get shy and confused when they need to speak English?

Today you can learn a simple, almost obvious technique for speaking automatic English.

We get many letters like the following:

“My largest difficulty is to speak more quickly. I can read quite well but when it comes to speaking, I often feel confused and frustrated. In my head, I translate from my own language to English and it takes a lot of time. I can’t speak automatically. I find it hard to remember the right words and I’m not sure about the usage of certain English words.”

Many people struggle with this but there’s a cure. First you need to understand something …

How did you learn languages in high school? Usually it goes like this: understand grammar + learn words + practice = fluent English, right? Wrong.

There’s a huge problem with language learning all over the world. Memorizing individual words kills your ability to speak good, fluent English. Unless you escape the “memorize-words” mindset, you’ll never get to true fluency.

But there’s a silent revolution transforming the world of language teaching. Language is highly formulaic, which means when we speak a language (including your mother tongue), we think in terms of fixed expressions.

You don’t say “Have a pretty day!” but you say “Have a nice day!”.

You don’t say “Interested on something” but you say “Interested in something”.

You don’t say “a horrendous boy” but you say “a bad boy”.

That’s how the language works. Every language combines words in its own way and if you translate from your own language, you’ll see only frustration.

Learn entire sentences and combinations of words, not just individual words!imageedit_17_4848167002

This is not some shiny new app but it’s a proven method that we used to speak 10 languages and teach hundreds (if not thousands!) of people.

In our email course, we teach you how to do it step-by-step together with other proven strategies and principles. Don’t waste more time doing something that doesn’t work. Learn to speak automatically, without translation, more info here:

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