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Are you a language school owner or teacher?

Do you want to offer a unique experience to your students that they cannot find anywhere else?

Do you want to grow your language school and keep your students, no matter what the global situation might be?

Welcome to the Metaphor Mastery Platform, a blended learning solution that caters to all needs. 

If you are a …

  • Teacher with private students
  • Teacher in a language school
  • Private language school
  • University language institute

and if you teach …

  • conversation skills
  • grammar
  • exam preparation
  • intercultural communication
  • vocabulary development
  • business English
… then you can complement, enhance or even completely replace your classroom instruction with our online platform, called Metaphor Mastery. 

The platform is flexible …

Use as much as you need

You can use it as an addition to your classroom work whether you need a 2-hour per week self-study component or online course materials for a full-blown 20-hour per week intensive course.

All skills, several levels

You can find numerous activities for improving speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.
The platform contains materials for the B1- C1 language levels according to the CEFR standards. In the future, we plan to add materials for A1 and A2 levels as well.

What content do we offer?

Engaging Stories

We offer fascinating stories that capture attention and engage students. The stories are written exclusively for the lessons with the intention of educating and entertaining students at the same time. We did corpus linguistics research for every story to include the most commonly used, level-appropriate phrases.

Cultural explanations

One of our signatures are the explanations which introduce American and British culture through the language, and the English language through culture. The explanations introduce topics, such as metaphors, collocations, the origin of phrases, and most importantly, we illustrate how native speakers use the language in real contexts.

Real skills development

The platform contains thousands of real skill-development exercises which improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as grammar and vocabulary.

High-Quality Audio

Our professional voice actors recorded every story and explanation in both British and American accents. In addition, we provide innovative audio training modules which improve the conversation skills of students.

Before starting an online platform, Metaphor Mastery was first published as a ten-volume book series. In 2018, we redesigned and re-thought the books and created the Metaphor Mastery online platform which is based on the book series but is completely re-imagined to meet the latest needs of online learning:

Interactive exercises and an automatic scoring system
Teachers’ dashboard for tracking students’ progress and reviewing assignments
Suitable for exam preparation, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams
World-class support to you and your students – your students can also turn to us with their questions

You can try the demo version for free, no registration and no credit card required:

Who We Are

Metaphor Education Ltd is a UK-based ELT publishing company. We started in the Central European market in 2015 and since then, hundreds of students acquired English mastery with our method. Currently, we are expanding around the globe, making partnerships in Europe, Asia and South America.

As a result of seven years of linguistics research, we developed the Metaphor Mastery English learning system which relies on the latest research in the following branches of linguistics:
psycholinguistics, intercultural communication, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, cultural semantics, corpus linguistics

We combined our linguistics research with the latest technology to provide a flexible online solution to teachers and language schools.

Our co-founders Balazs and Mariana Csigi are polyglots, speaking over 7 foreign languages and they incorporate their own language learning experience in every bit of the platform.

How does it work?



Subscribe to the platform below by choosing one of our packages and filling it out the order form. We have a package for each size of business, no matter if you are an individual teacher or a national language school chain.


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After you subscribe, you will receive access codes for yourself and your students and you can enjoy our full content and functionality.
If you need help with anything, we are always here to help.


Track and support

You can track and supervise your students’ activities and performance. In addition, you receive world-class support from our dedicated team. Your students can also turn to us with their questions, saving you valuable time.

Pricing and packages

We have a package for every size of business, from the individual teacher to the national language school chain. Select the right package for you, then click “Sign Up” and fill in the order form. We will send you the payment information and access details in email within a day. We personally review each application and only accept a limited number of clients due to the personal help we provide. Currently, there is no waiting list so we encourage you to check the demo version and if you like it, give it a try. It costs as low as 1,5 EUR/day, which is the price of a coffee!


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