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If you want to master English and sound like a native speaker, then here is how I did it.

11I’m Balazs Csigi, an English teacher for people who want to speak confident and fluent English. I speak seven foreign languages and I teach English with my wife, Mariana who speaks four foreign languages.

If you’ve ever dreamed of expressing your ideas in English like a native speaker …. and having a powerful vocabulary that even native speakers are blown away by … then listen closely.


Now I want to show you how you can speak fluent and confident English without many years of studying and struggling. But first, let me tell you my story ….

My native language is NOT English. I’m not a native speaker of English. My mother tongue is Hungarian. Still, I could learn English well enough to write a book, give talks and talk to English native speakers every single day, having important negotiations in English.

Sometimes native speakers ask me: Where did you learn English so well? Your vocabulary is so advanced, even some native speakers don’t use such words.


[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]In fact, my English skills are the #1 important skill I’ve had in my professional career.[/infobox]

But you know what? I’m just a regular guy who started English from absolute zero, just like anyone else. The difference is that I studied linguistics for 8 years and learned seven foreign languages too. In the process, I discovered a unique method for mastering a language.

Now I want to show you how I used this method to speak English like a native and how you can use it too.


[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]I mastered English without living in the U.S. or U.K. I didn’t study grammar rules and I didn’t memorize long word lists. I didn’t visit many English courses and teachers, either.

Instead, I studied how hyperpolyglots learned a language. Hyperpolyglots can speak at least twelve foreign languages so they really know what works and what doesn’t. There’re only a few living hyperpolyglots in the world.

Among many others, I studied the work and life of people like the late Ken Hale (speaking over 50 languages, professor at MIT), and Erik Gunnemark (speaking over 50 languages, famous Estonian linguist).


Studying them and learning seven languages myself, I developed a special method for mastering a language. Using this method, these are the languages I learned to speak:

[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]

Hungarian – native language

English – mastery level C2

French – advanced level (2 years spent studying)

Russian – upper intermediate level (5 months spent studying)

German – intermediate (6 months spent studying)

Italian – intermediate (4 months spent studying)

Indonesian – intermediate (4 months spent studying)

Spanish – lower intermediate (3 months spent studying)


I know it sounds unbelievable that I spent 5 months studying Russian and I can already speak the language. The Internet is full of BS and I don’t want to add to it. As a proof of my claims, I attached here a photo of my state-certified Russian language exam that I took after 5 months of studying. I scored 71% on the speaking and 92% on the writing parts — both are considered excellent results.


I learned to speak seven different languages and I used them in real life situations many times. For example, I got to know my wife, Mariana in Russian. We used Russian in the first weeks of our dating and my Russian was good enough to talk about almost every topic.


Then there’s the story of Italian. I didn’t spend much time learning Italian but still, I could use it in real life situations.

Once my family went to Italy and they lost their bags on the airport shuttle. They lost all their valuables, money, clothes, medication, everything they took for 2 weeks. They didn’t speak Italian so they felt lost and frustrated. They couldn’t get back their bags and didn’t even know how to fly back home without their documents.

They called me, “the polyglot” in the family, maybe I can help them somehow. I used my Italian skills to call the shuttle company and I managed to get back their lost bags through the phone so they could enjoy their trip. It was an amazing feeling to help others with my language skills.

I could learn to speak languages in a few months and I could talk myself out of difficult situations all around the world.


[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]The interesting thing is this: I didn’t stay in almost any of those countries for more than two weeks. I didn’t spend many years learning these languages, only a few months. I didn’t go through grammar books either.[/infobox]

In fact, I didn’t do anything difficult to master languages. Yet, I learned to speak them quite well.

My secret is the language learning method I was telling you about. Now I will reveal to you how you can master English with this new method and amaze even native speakers with your massive vocabulary.


Here’s the best way to master English in 2017


Before revealing my method, I want you to know that it’s not something I was just working on in my basement alone. I was featured on some national TV shows as an expert on linguistics.

I was also published in some big magazines like Business Insider. I was interviewed by some of the biggest English learning podcasts and written articles for numerous language learning blogs.

I also published a book about linguistics. It’s available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here’s the book as seen in the Amazon Store:



You can see here some of the reviews too:



Now let’s get to the meat of the topic. Everything began with a surprising scientific discovery.

The greatest polyglots, linguists and anthropologists of the 20th century discovered an important secret about languages. To my knowledge, no-one is yet using this secret to teach English.

[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]I discovered that speaking a language gives you a new personality and a new way of looking at the world.[/infobox]

That’s the reason why I could pick up new languages so fast. You’re not exactly the same person when you speak English than when you speak your native language.

You need to understand English and American culture to master English. Without culture, you cannot master any language.  This is the little-known secret that most courses are not talking about.


Almost every English word has mental associations and culture behind it (that is different from your own language). If you don’t learn about this, you will NEVER master English. Or maybe only in 10 years.

If you truly want to master English, you need to understand how words and phrases are used by native speakers. If you want amazing English, you need to see the culture and images behind words. This is what you can learn with the Metaphor English Mastery System. 

Introducing the Metaphor English Mastery System


Now you can use the same method the greatest polyglots of history used to master English and speak so fluently and confidently that even native speakers will be amazed.

Here’s how it works:

Each month, you’ll get a complete study package with an exciting story, in-depth explanations and practical exercises. No rules, no memorization, no old methods.

I refined these techniques for over 8 years and I used them to learn over seven foreign languages. Plus, I have helped thousands of other people master English, some of whom are featured on this page.

[infobox radius=”5″ color=”#f9f597;”]Imagine for a moment how it would feel like to speak the English of your dreams.[/infobox]

You could walk into any job interview with shining confidence. You could help your friends, family members and colleagues when they need someone with good English skills. Or maybe you’d be happy to take on a new assignment at your company that requires fluent English.

You could confidently handle any and every situation abroad, without frustrations. Most importantly, you’d just feel great about your English.

It’s an amazing feeling when you can easily find the right words and just sound like an English native speaker.

We put more than 8 years and 5,000 hours of research into developing the Metaphor English Mastery System. Now you can learn all the tactics and strategies we used to master English. You can get a simple system to quickly work your way to fluent, native-like English.

If you decide to work with us, here’s what you’ll get: [three_fourth]

[box border_width=”3″ border_color=”#a71862″ border_style=”solid” icon=”headphones” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle”]

Metaphor Deep Explanation Module

In this module, we explain the culture and mentality behind the English language so you could use it like a native speaker. You will master the mental associations and the culture behind the most common English phrases so that you can very deeply understand them. This is the key to native-like English.

Every month you’ll receive a fresh, new set of explanations. You can keep all the explanations you receive without any time limit.

The explanations are clear and easy to follow. They’re also very detailed. We use over 8 branches of linguistics to write them. We’re trained in sociolinguistics, semantics, cultural anthropology, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics and other divisions of linguistics. We haven’t seen any other language course putting so much effort into creating the best possible and clearest explanations for students.

Three or four people work on every explanation and they go through over 7 work phases to create just one explanation. We really put in the time and effort to give you the highest possible quality.

[custom_list icon=”check-circle-o” iconcolor=”#14ee20″]

Here’s a short taste of what you will learn in the monthly lessons:

  • What will make your English exciting, colorful and interesting? People will love listening to your English if you know this powerful principle.(We will also tell you the language learning secret 99% of students don’t know.)
  • How to look educated and intelligent when an American apologizes to you? (Get this wrong and you can easily look uneducated and rude)
  • E___y – the word that sums up American culture in a nutshell (probaly you wouldn’t understand its full meaning if you could hear it now in a conversation)
  • How to command respect more easily with your English… (even if you’re just starting out on the way to fluency)
  • What the English class system has to teach you about success in England
  • No ___ intended – an extremely common phrase that only fluent speakers can use correctly (The English take this seriously: if you don’t say it in a particular type of situation, it can make you look flippant and that’s a really bad thing – do you know why?)
  • What’s the difference between “hurt” and “offend”? (And why it can look awkward to confuse them?)
  • Speak professional English with phrases like this: To learn the ________ of something – a metaphorical expression used by native speakers
  • Learn useful metaphors to talk about even the driest topics in an interesting way
  • “Pulled himself up by ___ ” – It’s a common phrase showing the spirit of the American Dream (Use it in conversations and native speakers will say “wow!” at your English)
  • _________ down to do something – It means to sit down and do something very intensely. (You probably wouldn’t understand it now in a real conversation because it’s really hard to guess it from context.)
  • How to praise someone at the workplace like actual native speakers do (and learn to speak automatically in any situation …)
  • Why the English talk so much about the weather and why you need to master weather-talk to speak like a native
  • Little-known dating habits from the US (And why it’s good to know about them even if you never want to be dating anyone in the US.)
  • How to smooth any awkward situation with a simple phrase?
  • What I discovered about the British after going through 10 billion words of text
  • How “Science Phrases” are used in everyday conversations (These are expressions that you need to speak fluent English)
  • How to express politely that you won’t make a compromise
  • A little-known synonym for “mental power” that’s used very often by native speakers but students of English almost never build it into their vocabulary
  • The “volcano” metaphor for describing angry people (and one important thing you need to know about fiery English “emotion words”)
  • “Loosen up” and the typically English “relaxing” phrases (if you don’t use these phrases very often, a native speaker can easily spot from miles away that you’re a foreigner)
  • “Bl___” – A modern English word from the Victorian era (You wouldn’t guess how it’s used in real-life English because that information can’t be found in most dictionaries)
  • An incredibly easy expression you’re probably not yet using (because it doesn’t come automatically for non-native speakers)
  • The critical element to sound really “English” or “American” by making requests in a certain way (many people mess this up because they translate from their native language)
  • An “almost magical” word that gives you the key to Australian culture
  • “An exchange of …. ” – A common set of expressions with a hidden meaning behind it (not found in most dictionaries)
  • The notion of “backtracking” and how to use it in real-life conversations
  • The great secret of linkers and their effect on your English
  • The most common synonym of “atmosphere” that you can use almost every day in English conversations
  • To show your personality = To give off a ___ (This word is not just the synonym of “atmosphere” but one of the most commonly used words to describe a person)
  • How to express your opinions the Anglo-Saxon way (You can easily hurt others’ feelings if you don’t know the special Anglo communication style)
  • The vocabulary of “severance packages” (Don’t sign a job contract without knowing this!)
  • What it exactly means to be “contrived” (and little-understood but very important words like “genuine”)
  • Over 10 ways of using the word “fake” that you wouldn’t think of as a non-native speaker of English (“Fake” is not just about fake diamonds but it’s a rich English word with little-known shades of meaning :-)) 
  • The rarely taught metaphor to talk about not so serious people (This phrase alone can make your English much more colorful!)

I could write hundreds more but I think you also see the great, unique value you’ll get from this course. 

Professional American voice actors record the explanations for you and you’ll get PDF transcripts too. You will have UNLIMITED access to everything and you can use every module on your computer, tablet and mobile phone, even without an Internet connection. You can keep the download links forever without any time limit.

Every month you’ll receive a fresh, new set of explanations. As I mentioned, you can keep all the explanations you receive without any time limit.

There’s no way to listen to these explanations and not start speaking more confidently.


[box border_width=”3″ border_color=”#21a718″ border_style=”solid” icon=”bookmark-o” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle”]

Special Story Audio Lesson

In this module you can enjoy an exciting story, full of real-world phrases. No textbooks, just what you can hear in actual, real-life conversations. You will see slang, idioms and tricky words you always wanted to learn but you never fully understood.

Every month you’ll receive a new story so you’ll never get bored with studying. You can keep every story forever, and listen to them on your tablet or mobile phone, even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

You’ll also get MP3 recordings that you can listen to anywhere. Take them to the gym, listen to them while driving home on the highway, or when you’re waiting in a queue.

You get PDF transcripts too so if you don’t understand something, you can immediately look it up in the text. The point: you will never get lost with the recordings.

Here’s a short taste of the exciting topics we’re going to talk about so you’ll ENJOY studying English:

Every month you’ll receive a new story so you’ll never be bored with studying.

[custom_list icon=”check-square-o” iconcolor=”#14ee20″]

  • How the most ancient technology in the world affects your way of thinking so deeply you don’t even notice it
  • The #1 measure for predicting professional success (This one was shockingly new for us too!)
  • How NOT to use reading for mastering English (and what to do instead)
  • The secret almost no-one knows about the power of literacy, discovered by a great 20th century writer
  • What’s the formidable Language Police and how it works in Quebec (Crazy, unheard stories from the everyday life of English-speaking Quebecians!)
  • How Canadians survive the winter in underground buildings (Toronto and Montreal has miles and miles of underground corridors to connect the whole city and much more)
  • The secret of the so-called “joie de vivre” and how it transformed Cirque du Soleil into one of the best circus companies in the world
  • Why Ancient Greeks lived up to 120 years (and still do so on some of the most little-known islands of the planet)
  • Why stress can be beneficial for your health (but only in certain circumstances)
  • The so-called “robber barons” and how they created the modern-day U.S.


Every month you’ll receive a new story so you’ll never get bored with studying.



[box border_width=”3″ border_color=”#39d9e7″ border_style=”solid” icon=”bullhorn” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle”]

Powerful Expression Audio Training

In this module, you can transfer everything you learned into your active memory. This is a special training technique that I developed after learning Russian, my 5th foreign language. You’ll learn how to practice new phrases and words so that you’ll never forget them. This is a training technique you cannot see elsewhere. I discovered it only after learning my first 5 languages.


[box border_width=”3″ border_color=”#29393b” border_style=”solid” icon=”volume-up” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle”]

Deep Listening Audio Training

This bonus will help you to increase your reaction time. If you ever had slow reaction time when you speak English, then it’s right for you. We’ll ask you many questions and you’ll need to answer – in real time! 

[box border_width=”3″ border_color=”#29393b” border_style=”solid” icon=”envelope” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle”]

Exclusive Email Support

If you have any questions about English, the Metaphor English Mastery System or you need some personalized guidance, just shoot us an e-mail and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. You won’t get stuck because we’ll be holding your hand each step of the way.

This bonus is worth €19, but now you can get it for FREE. Act quickly because it’s here for a limited time.[/box]

How much do you think it would cost every month? 


Item Value
Special Story Audio Lesson €12
Metaphor Deep Explanation Module €22
Powerful Expression Audio Training €13
Deep Listening Audio Training €12
Exclusive Email Support €19
Total €79
Your price €79€37  


You can get the Metaphor English Mastery System monthly package for €37/month. It means that each month you will get 4 premium, in-depth English guides with audio materials, transcripts, and exclusive email support.

Why is this course different? Tell me more …

What happens with most courses and private lessons is:

1, There’s not enough time to explain everything in detail so you won’t be able to use English like a native speaker at the end.

2, The new phrases aren’t transferred to your active memory, because of too much new information.

With the Metaphor English Mastery System course, you can truly deeply understand the language and culture and you’ll be able to use phrases like a native because they’ll be transferred to your active memory.

That’s why it costs €37/month – simply the amount of work that goes into every explanation and exercise.

You need to know that a cheap course or book won’t give you the same level of detail and methodology.

Just like with everything, quality is more expensive but it’s worth to invest into your English skills and future. There’s hardly a better investment than fluent, almost native-like English that can open many doors in life.

You can save the 5,000 hours and 8 years that we invested into creating this course. I think €37 is a more than fair price for all this. That means paying a bit more than €1/day for learning English fluently and you can benefit from your English skills for the rest of your life.


How does payment work?

1, You submit your credit card information (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) through a secure online form (or you can pay through your Paypal account if you are an active Paypal member.)

2, You will be charged €37 and get immediate access to the materials. You will be able to download them by clicking a link in the email you receive after the payment.

3, You will immediately get a receipt about the payment. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it any time by writing an email (

4, You will receive tons of bonus exercises and explanations in e-mail over the next 30 days.

5, Every 30 days you will receive new materials that you can download in email. Your credit card will be automatically charged €37 every 30 days until cancellation.

We believe in fair and honest business. Our conditions are clear and easy to understand and you can see above what exactly will happen if you decide to invest into our course.

Take action today and speak confident and professional English with our personal help and unique study materials:



[infobox radius=”3″ color=”#f9f597;”]

Which of these 3 things is holding you back?

Thing #1: “I memorized hundreds or even thousands of words, but I cannot make sentences easily and automatically like a native speaker.”

Yes, maybe you studied tons of words but you can’t remember them when you speak in real life. It’s because they don’t become part of your active memory. The specially designed exercises of the course can help you solve this problem.

Thing #2: “I translate from my own language so my English is slow and frustrating.”

Yes, we know this one very well. Most people make this mistake. Translating from your own language slows you down. In the course, we explain how to avoid translation and speak English fluently and confidently.

Thing #3: “I can only use simple words in my English. My English is boring.”

A boring English is not a good thing. If you want to land your dream job or make international friends, a colorful English is always the best. In the Metaphor Deep Explanation Module, you can learn to build a powerful vocabulary.

[infobox color=”#cefbf4″ radius=”3″]

“New hope for my English learning in the long run!! 🙂 “

“I’d really like to improve my English skills. To tell the truth, I can get really frustrated if I cannot express myself fluently in English. Often I’m looking for the right words and I can easily forget them in real conversations. I’m also preparing for a language exam so I’d definitely need fluency in English.”

“I’ve had several teachers, I’m using different software packages for learning English but I realised something: being aware of the cultural background of English is the single biggest step I can take to becoming proficient in English.”

“I’m really satisfied with Metaphor English because it is not too expensive and you are willing to help anytime and give feedback promptly. Overall, I appreciate your work very much.”

“I have listened to the “Powerful Expression Audio Training” and “Deep Listening Audio Training” at least 12-13 times so far. It’s also interesting that more and more words come into my mind all the time, regardless of my other activities.”

“My favorite module is Metaphor Deep Explanation Module because it is very detailed and also shares really useful tips about language learning. Now my only task is to enrich my vocabulary with your guidance.”

“New hope for my English learning in the long run!! 🙂 I’m more delighted than ever!”


[infobox color=”#cefbf4″ radius=”3″]

“I could learn tons of new real-life phrases” 


“I spent many, many years learning English at school. I passed exams and I finished many textbooks.”

“I also watched movies with subtitles and so on and so on.”

“But when I moved to England, I could see how little I actually know. I couldn’t communicate in real life as I wanted to. That’s when I found Metaphor English.”

“With Metaphor, I could improve my English at a lightning pace and I could learn tons of new real-life, everyday phrases and idioms in a short time. With the explanations I could truly understand the mental associations native speakers have about phrases and idioms. I could peep into English and American mentality and culture like never else before.”

Steve Kocsis
[infobox color=”#cefbf4″ radius=”3″]

“Now I just enjoy learning English” 


“Metaphor is really useful for me. It gives you a depth of knowledge that you cannot get elsewhere. Now I just enjoy learning the language. Thank you.”

Anita F.

[infobox color=”#cefbf4″ radius=”3″]

Now I’m prepared for real English conversations

“The material simply works. 🙂  I’m constantly trying to improve my English because fluent English is very important for my job. It is also a kind of passion for me to keep working on my English. Maybe one day I will take up a job abroad.”

“First, I was thinking quite a lot about buying your course but I think the idea behind the product is really good so I decided to invest into it. I’d like to highlight the Powerful Expression Audio Training module, which is, in my opinion, very useful for real-life conversations, and I haven’t seen any similar exercise in other language learning materials.”

“I love the online support because I get answers quickly even if I have questions beyond the scope of the material.”

“Sometimes I have noticed I can remember the expressions from the audio materials without thinking, it comes easily, almost in natural way. What makes your course different is the the expressions and idioms you explain. You are trying to prepare the language learner for the daily life, not just for the language exam. That’s the “spice of the course”.

“Thanks a million, guys!”

Gabriel F.

[/infobox][infobox color=”#cefbf4″ radius=”3″]

Mastering culture also helps me improve my work relationships.

“I got stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere :), between the intermediate and advanced levels. There is no problem with reading English, but speaking and writing is not so good as they should be.”

“So I came across your article. Your idea about culture hacking is just brilliant! I’ve found myself to be so impatient I didn’t even want to wait for the first free letter. So I am on board and I am going to soak myself in all your ideas and thoughts!”

“I really enjoy the explanations and active exercises! Mastering culture also helps me improve my work relationships. Again thank you for the course.”

Mikhail Zelenin