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If you want to speak English fluently and confidently with an effective method, then this message is for you. Now you can learn advanced English without many years of studying and memorizing vocabulary. No credit card required. You can try the course for free, but only if you sign up until April 12th, 23:59.

I’ll tell you the details soon but first, let me tell you my story.

I’m Balazs Csigi, a polyglot who speaks seven foreign languages. Over the last eight years, I studied how hyperpolyglots learn a language. Hyperpolyglots can speak at least twelve foreign languages so they really know what works and what doesn’t. There’re only a few living hyperpolyglots in the world.

Among many others, I studied the work and life of people like the late Ken Hale (speaking over 50 languages, professor at MIT), and Erik Gunnemark (speaking over 50 languages, famous Estonian linguist).

Studying them and learning seven languages myself, I developed a special method for mastering a language.

Let me give you an example. I know it sounds unbelievable but I spent 5 months studying Russian and I learned to speak the language.

I don’t want to insult your intelligence so I’ll attach here a photo of my state-certified Russian language exam that I took after 5 months of studying. I scored 71% on the speaking and 92% on the writing parts — both are considered excellent results.

I learned to speak seven different foreign languages and I used them in real life situations many times.

I’ve developed an effective English learning method based on polyglot principles. My method is called Metaphor English and it has been featured on national TV shows and popular international magazines.


In other words, you’ll get a language learning method that works. It doesn’t require you to memorize many words and learn a lot of grammar. This method works very differently than traditional approaches used in most schools.

Among others, here’s what you will receive:
* High-quality British and American audio for every module of the course
* Detailed, deep explanations so you could confidently use English words and phrases
* Practical exercises so you could easily find the right word in conversations
* Personal email support with detailed and quick replies to all your questions

Now it’s your turn to act. Look, if you really want to master English, then you need to make some effort. I know you’re busy but the best time is always NOW. If you put it off for later, you will never start doing it. 

If you want to speak English fluently using a proven method, all you need to do is to fill in the form below. After submitting the form, you’ll immediately receive the first lesson for free in email. You will receive more information about the course by post in a few days, that’s why it’s important to enter your address below. However, there’s no obligation to continue the course and there’s no credit card required. Simply sign up below and you’ll receive the free lesson in email and further information by post in a few days. The offer is only available until April 12th, 23:59.

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This offer has expired


Here’s what others think about the Metaphor Method:

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“New hope for my English learning in the long run!! 🙂 I’m more delighted than ever!”

I’m really satisfied with the product because it is not too expensive and you are willing to help anytime and give feedback promptly. Overall, I appreciate your work very much.

My favorite module is the Metaphor Deep Explanation Module because it is very detailed and also shares really useful tips about language learning. Now my only task is to enrich my vocabulary with your guidance.

New hope for my English learning in the long run!! 🙂 I’m more delighted than ever!

Szabolcs P.[/infobox]

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“I immediately fell in love with the Metaphor Method”

I love the Metaphor Method it really helps me a lot. I am amazed  by your Culture Hacking e-book and the monthly lessons. It is amazing. What I really like is the Metaphor Deep Explanation Module and the Powerful Expression Audio Training part. These modules are quite unique. I immediately fell in love with them 🙂

Honestly I thought I could only learn English from native English teachers but you were right. We are in the same shoes because our culture is quite different from Anglo-Saxon culture. Your method is really eye opening. So I can’t wait to receive the next lesson set. 

Attila U.