About Us

I started language learning at the age of 2 …

My mum taught me German when I was 2 years old. It didn’t really work out because I didn’t pick up German as a toddler. One thing is sure, though: I’ve a burning passion for languages since my childhood. I’ve learned to speak seven different languages to various degrees – English, Russian, French – advanced, German, Italian, Indonesian – intermediate and Spanish – basic. I’ve also tasted a few other languages like Chinese and Latin but life got in the way and I didn’t move along with those ones.

Anyway, speaking seven languages is really far from being a world record. You can also find people speaking 20 languages. I don’t hold the world record in number of languages spoken but you know what? That’s not my purpose.

My mission is to share one simple idea with the world: if you want to really master a language, you need to master the culture and mentality of the people who speak it. I call this Culture Hacking.

Fluent English requires knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture as English words and phrases reflect English and American mentality. (Now I’m talking about mainstream English. Of course, if you study Australian English, you need to learn about Australian culture, too. The same goes for other regional varieties of English.)

Have you ever felt that you are stuck with your English? Did you wonder what the best way is to master English? Do you want to raise among the top of the English speaking elite to easily get new jobs and create friendships?

I can be pretty confident that your search is over because I help people just like you. After 8 years of meticulous research I’ve developed the Culture Hacking method. You can also read about it on big language learning websites where I was interviewed or posted articles.

Dad was a teacher, mum was a teacher, grandma too …

My explanations are clear and easy to follow, entertaining and unique. It’s a family thing. I come from a family of teachers. Since 2015, I’ve been doing this with my better half, Mariana, who is also a teacher and polyglot. She speaks five languages so together we can communicate in 10 languages.

Mariana has the same passion for languages that I have and she contributes to every single piece of writing I do.

I hope you’ll join us on our language learning and teaching adventure. If you don’t know us yet, just subscribe to our free email course and let the fun begin! 🙂