How I Prepared for a Brutal Language Exam in 5 Months

I learned to speak Russian in 5 months at an upper-intermediate level and passed one of the toughest Russian language exams of the country. I started from absolute zero and using the right method, I passed the exam with a 92% written and a 71% oral score 5 months later. In case you’re doubting, here’s a screenshot of the certificate:




How was that possible?

It was my fifth foreign language so I had a great deal of experience. I knew what works and what doesn’t. This is what I DIDN’T do:

— memorizing many words

— spending lots of time with grammar

— spending many years with ineffective methods

With the above methods, maybe I’d need 3 or 5 years to confidently pass an intermediate exam. However, using my own method (based on the greatest polyglots of history), I could pass the exam in 5 months.


This is what I DID:

— understanding metaphors and collocations (how words are combined)

— learning entire sentences so I could easily speak in full sentences without memorizing thousands of words

— discovering the mentality and culture behind the language (not getting lost with memorization and grammar drills)

I learned to speak seven foreign languages with the Culture Hacking method I’ve developed over 8 years.

I’m using the same method to teach advanced English in my course. I don’t hold back anything. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone teaching with the same methods.

Here’s what one of our students, Daniel had to say:

Daniel Nagy profilfotó

“I really appreciate you and your emails and lessons. I’m planning to work abroad so I need every kind of help. I think you should have taught me in primary school and secondary school. 

It would have been more enjoyable. I am good at writing because I have time to think. Speaking is more difficult for me.

But I didn’t notice the nuances of the English language in the schools. How subtle differences there are and how exciting it can be to know about them! My favourite part of your course is the Metaphor Deep Explanation Module. I have so much to learn.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate you and I love to read your explanations.”


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