How I Learned to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

If you want to master English and sound like a native speaker, then here is how I did it. 

I’m Balazs Csigi, an English teacher for people who want to speak confident and fluent English.

If you ever dreamed of expressing your ideas in English like a native speaker, then listen closely.

Let me tell you my story. My native language is Hungarian. Still, I could learn English well enough to write a book or give lectures. I did this without living in the US or the UK. I didn’t study grammar rules and I didn’t memorize long word lists.

I studied polyglots, people speaking at least six languages. I studied people like Ken Hale (speaking over 50 languages, professor at MIT), and Erik Gunnemark (speaking over 50 languages, famous Estonian linguist). Studying them and learning languages myself, I developed a special method for mastering a language.

Using this method, I learned to speak seven foreign languages. These are the languages I speak:

Hungarian – native language

English – mastery level C2

Russian – advanced level (8 months spent studying)

French – advanced level (2 years spent studying)

German – intermediate (5 months spent studying)

Italian – intermediate (5 months spent studying)

Indonesian – intermediate (4 months spent studying)

Spanish – intermediate (4 months spent studying)

I learned to speak seven different languages and I used them in real life situations many times. For example, I got to know my wife, Mariana using Russian in the first weeks of our dating. My Russian was good enough to talk about almost any topic.

I used my Italian skills to get back lost bags on the phone that my family members forgot on the bus during their Italian trip. I used my knowledge of Indonesian to give short speeches to groups of up to 100 people in over 10 Indonesian schools and universities.

In other words, I could learn to speak languages in a few months and I could talk myself out of difficult situations all around the world.

However, it might surprise you that I didn’t stay in almost any of those countries for more than two weeks. I didn’t spend many years learning these languages. I didn’t go through grammar books.

In fact, I didn’t do anything difficult to master languages. Yet, I learned to speak them quite well.

My secret is the method I was telling you about. I realised that speaking a language gives you a new personality, a new way of looking at the world. You’re not exactly the same person when you speak English than when you speak your native language.

Now you can use the same method the greatest polyglots of history used to master English and speak so fluently and confidently native speakers will be amazed.

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