How Metaphors Can TURBOCHARGE Your English

Metaphors are the secret sauce for mastering English. You need them more than anything else if you want to speak English like a native speaker. That’s why we are called “Metaphor English”. 😉

Let’s go from the fundamentals. What’s exactly a metaphor?

A metaphor is a figurative expression, used to talk about something in terms of another thing that is similar. For example, when you say “I can’t win this argument”, or “I’ll attack his arguments”, you talk about ARGUMENTATION in terms of WAR.

Often, we speak of concepts, emotions and the world around us in metaphors. Let’s take one of the deepest human emotions: love.

We often think of our relationships as a journey: They start somewhere, they go smoothly or they can be a roller coaster ride.

Or we often think of our relationships as a living organism: they are born, they grow, they need to be nurtured or they can easily die.

There are at least 10 more main metaphors we use to talk about love: heat, physical force, machine, investment, nutrient, sport, disease, game and others. We don’t have space in one article to go through all of them.

But you might now see that our whole way of thinking is very deeply influenced by metaphors. No matter if we speak about work, love, society, economy, politics, private life or any other topic, we use hundreds of metaphors every single day to talk about these.

Some metaphors are the same across languages but you can find tons of metaphors that are different from language to language. If you really want to master English, you need to master metaphors – the way English and American people use them.

If you don’t master metaphors, your English can easily become dry and even a little boring. To use a metaphor, your English can wither without metaphorical expressions.

In our course, the Metaphor English Mastery System, you can learn new metaphors every month. In the first monthly package, for example, you can master metaphors like this:

*  To learn the ________ of something – it’s a common metaphor from the sea. (Only English and American people really understand it, and students of Metaphor. :))

* To come a ______ – LIFE is a JOURNEY type metaphor. (Very often used in real life but not taught in most language courses.)

* Take someone under ______ – It’s often used to say that you mentor someone.

* _________ down to do something – It means to sit down and do something very intensely. (You probably wouldn’t understand it now in a real conversation because it’s really hard to guess it from context.)

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