My Insider Conversation With A Top Manager … (New Word Inside!)

A few years ago I had a very interesting conversation in Hungary with the top manager of a multinational company. This is a short story that will teach you how to use an important English word.

The manager knew some of the richest people in Hungary. He often gave them advice about where to invest their money.

As we also talked about my work, I shared the idea of culture hacking (you know, the idea that languages are not just translations of each other). Surprisingly, we found an English word that reflects Anglo-American mentality in a very special way.

The word we discussed was “economical”. Think of this word in your own language, think of the closest translation!  Your task is to choose between the following two definitions – which is the one that corresponds more to the word in your native language?

Definition #1: Economical: Trying to spend as little as possible, not more than what you have

Definition #2: Economical: Trying to spend your money in a way to get the biggest possible return

The Hungarian version of “economical” is closer to Definition #1: not to spend more than what you have. The classic Hungarian interpretation of being “economical” is to be a little thrifty (= using money carefully, sometimes even stressing out about a single penny).

In English, it’s not the case! The English way of looking at “economical” is more about spending your money in order to receive the biggest possible return.

The friend I talked to was an investor so he immediately realized the impact this sneaky word has on our way of thinking. It makes a huge difference if you always just try to save money vs invest money.

In Hungarian, we even have an old saying: “don’t stretch your legs longer than your blanket”, meaning don’t go beyond your limits, don’t spend more than what you can.

English seems to have more of a venturing mindset, just look at the common saying: “nothing ventured, nothing gained“.

Which mentality do you have – saving or investing?

Can you see how deeply our native language affects our mindset?

Tell me, how much fluent English is worth to you? Would you feel more comfortable at your workplace or at a job interview? Could you more easily bring in new business or create new relationships?

Being economical means to spend your money in a way that brings the biggest possible return. Mastering English can bring huge, gigantic returns for you.

Let go of any frustration and master English! Understand the real, deep meaning of English words and phrases and stop translating when you speak English.

I promise that if you invest into our course, you’ll get it back many times over, just like a good investor who makes a wise choice. Leave behind thriftiness and be economical in the English sense of the word:

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