How “Cultural Scripts” Can Make Or Break Your Career

There’s a little-known idea in language learning – it’s called “cultural scripts”. It’s actually quite heavy linguistic stuff so most language courses don’t use it. They usually don’t even know about it.

BUT it’s essential for you if you ever want to succeed in the U.S. or U.K., speak easily with native speakers, or get a very good job. We’d even say: you have no chance to be a really confident and professional English speaker without cultural scripts.

A cultural script is an expected, typical way of behaving and speaking in a culture. Every culture has its own way of apologizing, communicating emotions, or arguing.

There might also be totally different ideas about politeness in another country. Maybe you’re an educated and polite person in your country but if you move to the U.K. or U.S., you might easily offend your colleagues and friends without even noticing.

Or you might not compliment your friends the way they expect it. And hundreds and hundreds of other, everyday situations.

In fact, we have some interesting personal stories about cultural scripts. Mariana is from Ukraine and I’m from Hungary so we know a great deal about how easy it is to misunderstand each other across cultures. For example, Ukrainians use lots of facial expressions and gestures, while Hungarian culture relies more on verbal communication.

On our first date, Mariana asked me: “Balazs, why don’t you express your emotions? I can’t see you either happy or sad.” I was astonished: “What do you mean? I DO have emotions and I express them in many ways.

Being linguists and language teachers, we discussed “cultural scripts” about emotions and we learned to communicate our emotions extremely well – because we understood each other’s culture.

If you violate a cultural script, this is what happens:

  • Maybe people don’t show it to you but they won’t completely understand you
  • You can easily harm your professional status even though you do an amazing job at your workplace
  • You can come across as a little “uneducated”

However, if you truly understand cultural scripts of a country/culture, you can much more easily become successful in that country. The good news: it’s a lot of fun to learn about these. The bad news: no English course teaches you this stuff – free or paid. The reason is very simple: it takes a lot of research, time and effort.

In our course, the Metaphor Mastery System (it’s a monthly subscription), you can learn about English and American cultural scripts every month. This is what you get in the fist month, among many other things:

* How to praise someone at the workplace like actual native speakers

* How to command respect more easily (and why it’s … to miss it)

* What the English class system has to teach you about success in England

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Think for a moment. Have you ever heard of cultural scripts?

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Steve K.

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